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Shenandoah Pink Electric Sunrise2:45 AM came early this morning. Once I looked at the weather and saw the mist & fog currently blanketing outside like last Saturday morning, I knew I needed to plan on extra time on the road.  I put in Adele’s 25 on the CD player, grabbed my gear and headed towards Skyline Drive in Shenandoah, VA.

What I didn’t plan on was the fog would be even denser than the week before.  There was no way to see anything in front of me except a sheet of white, only going on blind faith of driving the same road many times before in the dark in decent weather.

Luckily, the deer for the most part stayed on the side of the road and I made it to Thornton Hollow Overlook, hoping that the fog would remain low enough (unlike the Saturday before) to have a sunrise to photograph.

There was a thick line of dark clouds a bit before the horizon and very fast moving cumulus clouds high above in the sky.  I was a little worried that with 45 minutes before sunrise, the clouds might fill in, but luckily it was just enough to allow the thick clouds to pop and reflect off the fog to showcase a beautiful hot pink color that looked like electricity to me.  The beautiful pink clouds combined with the fog and blue mountain tops made for a uniquely beautiful sunrise that I won’t soon forget!

Supreme Sunrise!

@tpfmariah9999 Jen Johnson Photography

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