Summer Solstice Sunset

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Yay! Happy Summer!  It’s finally my favorite time of year.  Long days and even later sunsets make me happy as a clam and for those reasons alone, I absolutely declare it the best time of the year.  Determined to head out for the rare occurrence of the summer solstice and strawberry moon (full moon) this evening, I headed out to Manassas Battlefield for sunset.  I’m told the last one occurred in 1962 and it won’t happen again until 2062… You know you gotta at least get out and give it a shot.  No pressure, lol.

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I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where to go for such a special event and decided sometimes it’s best to go with what you know.  For me, that’s the battlefield.  One of my best friends reminded me of this during one of my toughest times.  He reacquainted me with a place I’ve always loved that is right in my backyard.  Not only do I owe him a debt of gratitude for reminding me of this special spot, but photographing there reignited my love of landscape photography, especially shooting sunrise and sunsets. There is no place more relaxing, zen or peaceful than photographing at this amazing place filled with so much depth and history.

Summer Solstice Sunset IMG_8291

I got lucky for sunset as there was a pop of color at the end that caught me by surprise (and that doesn’t happen too often) right when I was getting ready to set up for the moon rise.  Unfortunately, clouds had moved in quite a bit towards the horizon so I had to wait a bit for the moon to rise above them. Even if I walked away with nothing, I was still elated to know that I have so more summer days and nights ahead of me.  Seeing the full strawberry moon peek through the clouds never gets old.

Summer Solstice Sunset 1 IMG_8296

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