Summer Solstice Sunset

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Yay! Happy Summer!  It’s finally my favorite time of year.  Long days and even later sunsets make me happy as a clam and for those reasons alone, I absolutely declare it the best time of the year.  Determined to head out for the rare occurrence of the summer solstice and strawberry moon (full moon) this […]

Exploring the Night Sky

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I’ve always been interested in our night sky. As a Pisces, I’m a dreamer at heart and there is nothing more romantic than making a wish upon a star.  I’ve always wanted to photograph the night sky and have made a few attempts in the last few years but living in the suburbs guarantees a […]

Snowy Sunrise in April

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I headed out early on this Friday morn to Shenandoah National Park for sunrise and got a surprise I didn’t bargain for in April.  It was snowing throughout my sunrise photo shoot. I certainly didn’t expect that weather craziness. It can be challenging to shoot through snow that’s falling as it can easily and quickly […]

Cherry Blossom Season in DC

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Ahhhh, cherry blossom season in Washington, DC.  Our beautiful gift from Tokyo that gave us 3,000 cherry trees in 1912. Honestly, my favorite time of year and what I look forward to year after year as a photographer.  Unless you’ve experienced it firsthand, you can’t imagine how amazingly beautiful it is in person.  Trust me […]

Birthday Sunrise in Aruba!

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I woke up early for sunrise this AM, this one is a little different than the other 364 mornings this year.  It’s my birthday!   There is nothing more relaxing than starting your day with a sunrise on the beach.  I wish I could wake up this way every day for the rest of my […]

Busted Sunrise

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Heading to Shenandoah National Park for sunrise has become a part of my routine.  So hoping for a beautiful sunrise is something I live and hope for.  On this morning, it absolutely was NOT a beautiful sunrise…in fact, there wasn’t a sunrise – only complete cloud cover. A busted sunrise, lol. So imagine my surprise […]

Beautiful Snow Day at Shenandoah National Park

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Snowzilla left its mark on Virginia and digging out is quite the process after so much snow.  I knew it would only last for such a short period of time even though at the moment we all felt stranded for a few days.  I needed to visit one of my favorite places so I wouldn’t […]

Snow Perfection

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I continue to see beautiful winter sunsets night after night after Snowzilla left a wallop on us.  Getting out in the winter for sunset can be a bit more challenging since they are so much earlier than in the summer months. Luckily for me, I was blessed with a great sunset on a evening I […]

Blizzard 2016, Part II

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The Tidal Basin is one of my favorite places to visit in the spring (cherry blossoms in full bloom) and in the fall when leaves are changing.  I’ve always wanted to visit after a snow storm, but I live in the suburbs of Virginia so it can be a little challenging to make the trek […]

Blizzard 2016, Part I

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Make no mistake, I am a warm weather lover at heart.  I would bask in the 85 degree sun every waking moment if I could.  However, I try to make the most of the seasons we have here in Virginia and I get pretty excited and truly love a good snowfall a couple times of […]

Through The Fog

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2:45 AM came early this morning. Once I looked at the weather and saw the mist & fog currently blanketing outside like last Saturday morning, I knew I needed to plan on extra time on the road.  I put in Adele’s 25 on the CD player, grabbed my gear and headed towards Skyline Drive in Shenandoah, […]

Christmas at the Beach

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  80 degrees and a holiday spent with my sis and nephew in Virginia Beach, VA… I couldn’t ask for more.  I headed down early to the pier on Christmas morning to appreciate the gorgeous holiday sunrise. What a treat!  It was 70 degrees by the time I was on the beach and I didn’t […]

Beautiful Pastel Sunrise at Leesylvania State Park

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I made the early morning drive out to Leesylvania State Park for sunrise and always enjoy this peaceful park tucked away in Woodbridge, VA.  There is a fishing pier that was my subject for the morning along with a variety of woodpeckers (love them) up in the nearby trees, awaiting the early morning light. Goodness, […]

Early Morning Trip to Grist Mill

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The Grist Mill at Babcock State Park in Clifftop, West Virginia is one of those places in the fall that look like a postcard.  My goodness in person, it is just unbelievably gorgeous!  It’s a 4 1/2 to 5 hour drive for me and I knew at peak season it would be a popular place […]

Shenandoah Makes Me Smile. My Hike to Jones Run Falls.

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I decided to drive out to Shenandoah, Virginia for the second time this week to hike to Jones Run Falls.  It was a lovely, peaceful hike and I had fun photographing the falls.  I made it back with just enough time until sunset.  I stopped at Rocky Top Overlook hopeful for gorgeous sunset but when […]

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