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The Tidal Basin is one of my favorite places to visit in the spring (cherry blossoms in full bloom) and in the fall when leaves are changing.  I’ve always wanted to visit after a snow storm, but I live in the suburbs of Virginia so it can be a little challenging to make the trek in bad weather.
Cars Covered After Blizzard 2016

I got up early Sunday morning after the blizzard subsided late Saturday night and headed towards DC.  Just being the only one on route 66 was a sight in itself!  Now that’s rare!

I made it to the Tidal Basin in record time with no one on the roads and was in awe of the winter scene in front of me.  It was quite stunning with the sun and the royal blue clear sky after the storm.  I made my way around the tidal basin and had a lovely time photographing the monuments, shadows and light from the cherry blossom trees.  I was not disappointed.  The winter vantage point is just as beautiful as springtime or fall at the tidal basin.

Shadow Selfie in the Snow at the Tidal Basin in Washington DC

After a couple hours, I was joined by local residents ready to get out and about after days indoors.  There were people walking their dogs, those jogging (as always) and even a couple people cross-country skiing.  I couldn’t have a more beautiful day in DC and was excited to get home and share my photos with all of you!

Snow at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial






Washington Monument at the Tidal Basin after Blizzard 2016 1-24-2016

Jefferson Memorial & Fallen Snow

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