Cherry Blossom Season in DC

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Ahhhh, cherry blossom season in Washington, DC.  Our beautiful gift from Tokyo that gave us 3,000 cherry trees in 1912. Honestly, my favorite time of year and what I look forward to year after year as a photographer.  Unless you’ve experienced it firsthand, you can’t imagine how amazingly beautiful it is in person.  Trust me […]

Birthday Sunrise in Aruba!

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I woke up early for sunrise this AM, this one is a little different than the other 364 mornings this year.  It’s my birthday!   There is nothing more relaxing than starting your day with a sunrise on the beach.  I wish I could wake up this way every day for the rest of my […]

Busted Sunrise

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Heading to Shenandoah National Park for sunrise has become a part of my routine.  So hoping for a beautiful sunrise is something I live and hope for.  On this morning, it absolutely was NOT a beautiful sunrise…in fact, there wasn’t a sunrise – only complete cloud cover. A busted sunrise, lol. So imagine my surprise […]

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