Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer…

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          With a nor’easter on the way and Hurricane Joaquin in it’s shadows for the east coast, it’s been a bleak week for weather, particularly for sunsets in the past week or so.  I saw a small break in the clouds and decided to drive out hoping for a nice sunset.  […]

Lunar Eclipse Supermoon Bloodmoon

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I had such high hopes for the supermoon bloodmoon lunar eclipse… I mean the next one isn’t until 2033 and I definitely won’t be any younger then, lol.  So I headed out to the battlefield by my lonesome and waited for the viewing event.  I got some pics of the partial eclipse, but there couldn’t […]

Oh no, I Didn’t Make It…

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I saw the clouds and I just knew…sometimes you just know.  I knew it was gonna be one heck of a sunset and I jumped in my Jeep, ready to take some promising photographs at Manassas Battlefield but it just wasn’t meant to be.  There was an accident and I was stuck in traffic for […]

Sea of Sunflowers

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Today, I took a journey to Clear Meadow Farms in Jarrettsville, Maryland to see the sea of sunflowers.  What a beautiful sight!  WOW!  They bloom for about two weeks and I spent about three and a half hours photographing their beauty.  So bright, cheery and just drop dead gorgeous! I didn’t expect the millions of […]

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